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Brakes system

Outstanding service. I had a minor problem (washer fluid not coming out) and stopped in the day after Christmas without an appointment. The team brought my car into the shop and let it warm up, and the fluid began flowing again. They sent me on my way about an hour later, and waived the usual $40 diagnostic charge.


- Alan H. (yelp.com)

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As a first-time car owner, I was terrified when my car started acting up. I brought it to Lentz and they gave me a discount for my first visit. Since then, I have had a few more upsets with the car and I always bring it to Lentz. Their service is fast and friendly, and very conveniently located.


- Google User

I've been taking my car here for 2 years now. They run a great shop. I've never had to wait more than a day even when their parking lot was crammed full. Even with my Subaru, I've found their prices to be lower than other shops in the area like Mason St. and Community Auto. I've since convinced my family and most of my friends to come down here and I continue to hear good things.


- Google User

These guys are great. I have been taking my car and my wife's car to them for regular repairs for years now and they do just about everything. I'm no fool when it comes to car repairs and I can tell you that they don't try to sell you parts or repairs that you don't need. I've had no problems with any of the repairs they've done to date and they've always given me a good price.


- Google User

I found their work high quality, and they were very honest and fair - safety was their first concern for the vehicle, and they did things right, and did not cut corners. They were very fair and laid out exactly what the vehicle need. I would highly recommend Lentz Automotive.


- Mark A. Werkema (Google.com)

I recently brought my car to Lentz on Michigan & Eastern for an oil change. The service was great and the guys were super friendly & efficient. My car has been running with no problems. Thank you!


- Michelle Sanders (Google.com)

Was having problems with my brakes on my car. Took my car to Lentz on Michigan street and the manager Brian and the guys were very friendly. They wrote me an estimate for the work that needed to be done and took me out to show me the problems that my car had. after looking at my car i could tell that it was unsafe to drive! They fixed my brakes in a timely fashion for a very reasonable price. I even called around to check there prices and they were one of the lowest. After leaving my brakes were 100% better!! those guys are great and i will always return. I also learned that they do full service repairs on almost every thing on the vehicle. I recommend Lentz for anybody that wants there vehicle fixed right the first time!!!!


- brother bcool (Google.com)

Muffler install. Professional work, great price and nice customer service.


- ravenjoe (Google.com)

Replaced a brake line on my 1998 Chevy pickup. Service time was adequate, scheduling flexible, and the job was done correctly. Also they didn't try to upsell me, even though my truck needs a lot of things!


- John Vargo (Google.com)

After numerous calls to other garages who told me they couldn't look at my car's exhaust problem for a couple of days, I took it to Lentz on Leonard Street. They promptly inspected my car, showed me the problem, and took only two hours to repair it at a fair price. My car drives much better, sounds better, and it's good to know where to find reasonably priced, knowledgeable, honest automotive repair service.


- Andrew Conlon (Google.com)

Lentz on Leonard has been the place to go for my auto repair needs for years now. I just brought my car in the other day, there was a new manager there who was very nice and polite. My car was making some noises before I brought it in, they checked it out and let me know what needed to be done. When everything was taken care of I rolled out of there feeling safe & smooth. Thanks


- Kyle Right (Google.com)

great place, always willing to work with me on money, and even drove me to work when i droped my car off in the morning, and picked me up after work. i have never had any problems with them.


- Justin Caauwe (Google.com)

Jeff the manager at Lentz in Holland was very helpful with my car when I brought it in to be looked at. The other guys working there seemed friendly as well. Thanks for keeping me on the road with confidence that my car is safe to drive.


- Mary Dykstra (Google.com)

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